12 cloves
5 black pepper corns
1 piece of ginger, male thumb size
7 cardamon buds
2 cinnamon sticks
1 chipmunk on a power line
20-25oz or water
1 mortar or any kind of preferred spice grinder

While watching the chipmunk transporting nuts over the power line to his nest, cut the ginger into tiny dices. When the chipmunk runs back to find more nuts, empty the cardamon buds into the mortar. Put the cardamon shells, ginger and cloves into the pot, add the pepper corns to the mortar and grind the cardamon and pepper corns down to powder level. Add the powder to your pot and put the cinnamon sticks into the mortar. Crush the sticks into small pieces and grind them a little bit to get some powder and a lot of small cinnamon pieces. Add the cinnamon to the pot, fill in the water, cover the pot and cook the whole thing up on very hot till it tries to spill over. Turn it down to medium temperature and let it cook for 20 min. Your chipmunk should have returned at least 2 additional times over the power line. If not please donate spare nuts.

The tea is ready if the water shows a darkish brown colour, as dark as at least the cinnamon you added. The longer you cook it, the stronger it gets. Filter the tea through a sieve into your tea can.

Add a bit of milk / almond milk or whatever you prefer.

The effect of the tea should be, to make you sweat a little and warm you a lot, it basically kick starts your circulation.

Feel free to add more chipmunks to the recipe.