They painted the brothel orange
all colours of women work in there
and erected a phallic symbol
on our little towns shopping square

They wanted to show the world
that everybody is welcome here
and created a fake atmosphere
of freedom bubbles and creative despair

The temple they build to symbolize
mankinds own facistic rise
is now protected by brutish guys
and used to pray to artistic lies

The lies that they surround themselfs with
reflect their own thoughts as a feedback pit
These pits world wide enforce more lies
All of this paint has a bloody price

And then there came a well known fiend
to open the show and shake lots of hands
they protected him with a sniper team
and showed him this fake promised land

But between the snipers, all could see
the show was renamed to finally be
a symbol of mankinds hypocrisy
all bubbles burst and no one is free